Invest in video, the best form of communication

Be one step ahead by investing in a promotional, corporate or training video, the simple and cost effective way to turn business ideas into reality. We will create video for any industry with our speciality being healthcare, producing video for equipment manufacturers, local authorities and community equipment suppliers. 

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Manage your learners with an LMS

Increase the efficiency of your training and track your people’s progress using the Kinetic user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that trains as many people as you like across a variety of digital platforms.

Our system can be used for unlimited users, time and time again.

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Disseminate pertinent information with a portal

Invest in central portal software that enables you to disseminate key information to the masses, sharing exactly the same information across the board.  Our most popular portal EquipMyHome is a powerful online training, clinical review and self-funding tool that has been developed to improve healthcare equipment selection and processing.

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