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Why Businesses Should Consider AR

Why Businesses Should Consider AR

AR - or augmented reality - is becoming more widely used. While we have yet to get to the stage where we’re all walking around in smart glasses, with different things projected onto our world view as we go, we are getting closer to this idea.

CCS Insight recently published research on the state of the AR and VR markets around the globe, noting that AR is a trend to watch, which means it’s one you may want to look into utilising for your business.

The organisation noted that one of the big things that’s likely to drive AR forward in the coming months and years is that both Apple and Google have developed AR platforms for their respective smartphone operating systems.

”In our view, the growing use of AR experiences on a hand-held smartphone can only be a good thing for head-worn technology like AR glasses,” CCS Insight suggested.

The research also points a number of industry-specific trials with AR glasses and similar technology which, if successful, are likely to be rolled out further, thereby boosting adoption.

AR could be a powerful tool for your business, with augmented reality video a particularly useful addition to training courses and other educational programmes.

It isn’t only CCS Insight that’s hopeful about the future for AR - PC Gamer recently highlighted a report from IDC which found that the AR market is gaining ground on the VR sector.

According to IDC, the combined AR and VR headset market is forecast to hit 13.7 million units by the end of this year, growing to 81.2 million units by 2021. That represents a 56.1 per cent growth rate and indicates that if you’re not already looking at this kind of technology then maybe you should.

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