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What Makes a Good Location for a Shoot?

Kinetic Media have been on the go over the last few weeks, travelling to various locations for client shoots, away from our base in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

With the variety of locations we have used recently we thought it would be the ideal time to answer a couple of questions on the subject. Put simply there is no one single fantastic location, every shoot is different and has its own needs. Some shoots have several locations and some use only one. While it can sometimes be the last thing on your ‘to-do’ list picking the right location can make or even break your final video.

So when it comes to choosing the perfect place to tell your story Kinetic Media certainly thinks about these key factors:

•  The Script (not the band)
•  Scouting
•  Permission

The scripts we work with dictate a large percentage of where our video is shot. So if we’ve been hired by a chocolatier to highlight their bespoke process of creating mind-bindingly tasty goodies then a shoot in a field full of daisies would be way off base, not to mention make the client question our ability to bring their vision to life.

At Kinetic Media we stick to the scripts core values and talk to our clients regularly, by putting our energy into enhancing those ideas we can’t go wrong.

Once we have a basic idea of the setting the client wishes to see then it’s time to start looking. We always save time, fuel and money by checking out what the internet has to offer first and foremost. There is a range of video location sites that are built specifically to make our job easier. They have an array of images already available and include specs such as floor plans, square footage and virtual tours. It’s an easy way to narrow down our choices.

Got your top 3 locations yet?

Good, now the next part is physically visiting them. By actually scouting our potential location we answer questions a computer cannot.

Is it next to a dog kennel with excessive barking?

In the vicinity of an airport?

Are there enough windows?

It all depends on what we need from the location and if we can do the best for our clients with what it has to offer, this will change every time we do a new shoot.

Kinetic Media will always strive to make the most out of what we have to work with for all of our clients.

So you’ve bit the bullet and decided on your number 1 locale?

Fantastic, we’ve paid to use a rustic looking workshop in an up and coming part of town. The cobbled streets are perfect for our opening shots. There’s just the tiny problem of permission, we’ve paid but that doesn’t automatically mean we can go ahead and start pointing our cameras every which way. Some places require permits and licenses to enable us to shoot video and the company you initially pay don’t always handle this. Here at Kinetic Media we always make sure we obtain the right forms so our shoot isn’t interrupted mid-flow.
With that rundown we are good to start shooting!
Keep in mind these helpful tips and we’re sure your shoot with us will be a success.

At Kinetic Media we enjoy collaborating with our clients throughout the whole video production process and bringing your vision to life, contact us on 01543 416 853 or

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