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The Perfect Video Script

The Friends Theory. There are a few floating about the fan universe but the one we hear of most (and have fun attempting) is that everything can relate back to an episode of Friends.

We thought it would be fun to give it a try with a task that arises in almost every new job we undertake here at Kinetic Media. Script writing.

Some would say that writing the absolute perfect video script is virtually impossible but you can get close with a few of our top tips.

Let the Friends fun begin!


#The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits

In this episode Joey writes a letter of recommendation to the adoption agency for Monica and Chandler. However Joey’s letter is far from perfect as he uses a thesaurus in a bid to make his letter sound a lot smarter.

Write in plain English.
You may know and use big, fancy words or taken the Joey approach to your script a time or two, but if nobody can understand what you’re saying then it’s a waste of time. We know every industry has their own technical jargon, so using one or two words in the right place can be beneficial. However use your own judgement, if there’s a simpler way to say it then say it, your audience will appreciate it.


#The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance

In this episode Ross attempts to phase out the British accent he’d been using for his college students.

Consider your tone of voice.
Things may not need to be as extreme as Ross’ attempt at being interesting but the tone of your voice does matter.

Is your voice (or the voice-over artist) conversational or dull and monotone?

Which are you more likely to pay attention to and trust?

Having an engaging tone can make all the difference in both shooting and writing your script. Take the time to read it aloud and pace yourself. Listen to how your sentences are structured when being spoken instead of written. Also try recording yourself and play it back, how we perceive our own voice is different to how others may hear it.


#The One With The Mugging

Although not the main focus of this episode, Chandler, whilst on an internship pitches an idea for a TV advert about trainers on roller blade wheels. A product that is obviously aimed at younger people.

Know your audience.
While in the episode Chandler was obviously older than his colleagues and target audience he managed to find an angle that worked. This works easily with script writing and advertising in general. If your advert is aimed at the older market then using slang and texting acronyms won’t hit the mark. The point of your advert will be lost on your audience and they’ll disappear very quickly along with your opportunity. Keep your script relevant to who you are targeting.

These aren’t the only tips to keep in mind whilst writing a new script. Take the time to:

•  Consider your objective whilst writing so you don’t stray off course (nobody likes a meaningless tangent).
•  Get your message across as early as possible and try not to keep them waiting.
•  Keep your script short and sweet, your audience will thank you.
•  And finally don’t stop after writing the first draft. Try and get feedback from your colleagues and keep rewriting until it’s close to    perfection and does everything you want and need.

When it comes to script writing practice makes perfect, so the more you write the better your scripts will get.

We figure if we keep digging (and watching Friends reruns) we could associate so many more script-writing tips for you. Alternatively we would like to offer our services.

As part of any Kinetic Media video project we provide script-writing. We don’t mind if you have a draft you’re already working on or need to create a script from scratch, we can help with it all.

For more information about the services that we offer at Kinetic Media please give us a call on 01546 416 853 or email

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