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Repurpose Your Video

So you made the decision to produce a company video at the start of your marketing campaign. After a great collaboration with one of the best video production companies around (*cough* Kinetic Media), you came away with an amazing video to use for the advert you planned so meticulously. Done and dusted, right? Shelve it and move on to the next job. Wrong.

Just because your video was made for one specific reason doesn’t mean it needs to be used for that reason alone. Your video can be used across your entire industry presence in a variety of ways. All it takes is a little repurposing. Think about it, at times you may struggle to generate new ideas and content to entice your customers/audience but in reality you already have the content you need, it just needs a new suit to get into the hands of more people.

Repurposing your video content can come in many shapes and forms. All you need to do is choose the channels that work with your strategy/marketing scheme and the world is your oyster. Believe us there is something for everyone.

Shorter edits of the original video

If the original was longer then splitting it up into smaller chunks could give you more videos to use. Whether these are 10, 30 or 60 seconds long you’ve just given yourself more content to work with. These transform into teasers that encourage your audience to watch the full length version.

Different social media platforms

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter all utilise video in some regard and a short teaser just like the ones you’ve gleaned from your video would be perfect for these applications. Sharing between friends and colleagues could bridge new connections aplenty from virtually no work at all.

Offices and Trade Shows

both places where you will be entertaining and pitching to new/old customers. Not everyone wants to stop and talk to a sales person, sometimes there’s not enough time to do that for every stand. having your video on loop with added subtitles and explanatory graphics gives them all they need within a short video. They can literally stop, watch and go, or maybe decide to find out more. This can also be the same in an office waiting room, give your potential customer an insight into the company ahead of the meeting, and maybe answer some of their questions.

Website backgrounds and Landing pages

as you can see on our own homepage a video is a nice way to draw people in and showcase your company right off the bat. This is also a clever place to use older content that may have been left on the shelf for a while. Dust it off, apply a filter if that takes your fancy and it can become an unobtrusive creative setting for site information.

Blog Content

Dependent on your video content you could take clips and use them in a series of blog posts. Where the clip may be short and sweet the platform of a blog gives you the opportunity to elaborate on some parts that may be that touch more technical to get across on film. Don’t forget to consider blogging via LinkedIn.

Guides and FAQs

We’ve all searched how to do something online at some point and usually we get a written guide that is difficult to follow. If your employee training video is long and covers multiple products consider reducing it down to quick ‘how to’ guides. Helping both employees and customers at the same time, eliminating confusion and letting them follow along at their own pace. create an FAQ page with a difference and they’ll be back for more of your reliable information.

Our Ethos

Following on from the previous repurposing suggestion you can do the same thing with your company ethos/about us page. Why write the same information over and over again when your CEO summarised it perfectly in his earlier video cameo. People’s custom is easier to gain when they have a face to pair with trust and credibility.

There’s even simple routes of:

  •  Adding multi-lingual subtitles to your video before re-distribution, bridging the gap between possible international sales.
  •  Turning your video into an audio podcast
  •  Using still frames from the video as stock photos, allowing you to avoid having the same images as hundreds of other companies.

Repurposing your video content is something you can consider at any time, whether using existing material you already have or a plan you have in mind before your next shoot. A videographer can help you with this at any stage and make helpful suggestions or even shoot extra footage. In the long run repurposing your video helps you to stay relevant and re-iterates your message in a subtle manner whilst increasing your exposure.

Give your video a new lease of life with a little help from Kinetic Media. For more information give us a call on 01543 416 853 or email

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