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One Size Does Not Fit All

Learning Management System (LMS) - Lichfield Staffordshire

Learning is unique to every individual, whatever the subject may be - as the saying goes ‘one size doesn’t fit all.’

We all have our own way of working or learning, which is why it must be considered when learning objectives are being laid out in the work place. However technologically advanced a learning tool is or aesthetically pleasing material is to the eye doesn’t always mean its right for every person; for example: one new employee may need health & safety training delivered slightly differently compared to another employee - even if it is something slight. How people learn is a subjective decision, which is why learner pathways must be set up with learning objectives in mind and if at all possible with options available.

Kinetic Media has recently been working with Medequip Limited to create a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS). One of the key factors through the process has been learner pathways. Each team of people has got their own pathways, depending on what they need to learn for their job role. And the beauty of the LMS portal is that it can be used anytime, anywhere so individuals can learn in their own individual way and at their own pace. The Medequip specific LMS is still in development stages however factors such as gamification, chat facilities and examinations are all being considered.

To find out more about our LMS or to arrange a demo contact a member of the Kinetic Media team via: or phone: 01543 416 853

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