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They say January is a slow month. Retail and sales take a major hit financially as we all stop spending so frantically. The indulgent festive period of Christmas and New Year’s is gone for another year and resolutions are in full effect keeping many people tightly bound.

You might think this could be a good month for a company break, right? A time where the pressure is released and you can take it easy, just for a little bit. You’ve worked hard over Christmas.


January is the perfect time to start planning your advertising campaigns for the coming year. Whether it’s a year long in-depth plan or several small promotions targeting holidays like Easter. Starting your plans now will give you a leg up on those companies that have decided to take things easy at the beginning of the year.

For the majority it’s a simple matter of ‘New Year, New Budget’. And let’s face it, it is a lot easier to make things happen when the funds are readily available.

Have you ever had a fantastic idea late in the year only to be told there’s no money left in the budget to make it happen? Well trying again now might just do the trick.

Not only is it the perfect time to pick up new ideas but also recap and take a look back on the advertising you have utilised over the past twelve months. Analyse what was successful, what failed and where you can improve.

Did you use traditional means of advertising with flyers, brochures and posters?
Did your website see enough action?
Get enough hits that converted into physical sales?
Was the visibility of your company enough to keep going?
Could you do more?

Getting consistent, reliable visibility in advertising can be tough especially as there’s always a competitor on your tales ready to pounce and take your place.

January gives everyone a renewed sense of focus and they are generally more open and willing to take on new ideas that might be introduced. More importantly planning campaigns tactically early in the year allows the budget you’re working within to be spent more effectively rather than acting on a whim and running out of money before you’ve really had a chance to make an impact.

This year why not think about using part of your new budget to take on video advertising?

A useful and creative addition to any advertising campaign. As part of your plan Kinetic Media video services can help create a build up with promotional/taster videos that lead a clear path through what your company offers to training videos and 3D animation that can give an in-depth look into your products. Draw in new and old customers by raising your company profile. Our videos can be used online, in-store, for business meetings and even at trade shows, it’s all up to you.

For more information about our services and how we can help your new or existing advertising campaign contact us on 01543 416 853 or email

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