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Turning the little things into big things

”Sometimes the little things are actually the really big things…”

Sound familiar? That’s because this is the tag line used in one of McVitie’s latest adverts. The biscuit giants have launched a new £10 million campaign called ‘Sweeter Together’, deciding to part ways with our furry friends crawling out of packets in favour of a purpose-led animated approach.

”Crane” and “The First Day” have a distinctly Disney/Pixar-esque feel to them that is sure to catch the attention and hearts of the nation from young to old. If you haven’t yet had the chance to see these adverts, take a look now.

”Cranes”, by Thomas Worthington and Greg Ormrod, tells the story of a lonely crane driver who is isolated from the rest of his colleagues by sheer vertical distance in his tiny booth. Each day he watches them take a break where they share tea and biscuits and social interaction. Rod tries to wave and catch their attention each and every time to no avail, which makes him feel even more distant. One day as he raises a beam with his crane he finds tea and biscuits balancing on the end with his colleagues waving from below as he is finally included, making him happy.

We found this short to be very reminiscent of Pixar’s “Up”, the montage of the couple’s life told over a few minutes through actions without the need of speech to convey emotion, just music.

”The First Day”, by Sander Vos and Tom Reas, we feel is oddly similar to the work environment of Mr.Incredible in “The Incredibles”. The story is of a nervous woman on the first day of her new job. Her new boss is a very stern and strict character with distinct features, especially his thick eyebrows. While working away at her desk he pays her a visit and after he leaves one of her new co-workers appears over their divide with jaffa cakes on her eyebrows imitating Mr Mean and effectively breaking the ice. With the mood lightened the biscuits are shared around the office even with the boss who lightens up.

In both ads McVitie’s are trying to highlight the point of real human connection through the simple gesture of sharing a biscuit, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love that.

Animation is a great to do this as you are able to portray more intensity in the human emotion of the character than a real-life action shot. Small changes have a big impact, such as widening the eyes, their environment, exaggeration movements, it’s all for you to play with and make the character and world your own.

This is what makes their new campaign a winner for Kinetic Media. Through perfectly composed music and expressive characters they have managed to tell their stories in a way that is compatible with all ages and multiple platforms. Their ads were initially designed for mobile where the majority of videos are watched without sound, so imagery was definitely at the forefront. However the ad is aired on mobile, TV and other digital platforms. McVitie’s said, “We can’t just live in one space we have to try and connect with every consumer touch point.”

McVitie’s have made the little things into the big things and so can you with the help of our production team at Kinetic Media.

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