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Kinetic Media & The Healthcare Market

As you may have already gathered our focus here at Kinetic Media is healthcare, to be more specific healthcare equipment.

Healthcare equipment variants are colossal, from a simple aid such as a tap turner to a more complex piece of equipment such as a bariatric mattress.

Kinetic Media offer a number of video services for these variants that assist in the demonstration and functionality of products, with the aim to grab attention and inform in the most explanatory fashion. This should be the main focus for any company that is selling any type of product, especially a healthcare product that can be monumental for the independence of many people’s lives.

Our team of video experts are passionate about the videos they create and have built up a portfolio of work that has benefited healthcare companies across the country. In such a marketplace where legislation is vital and product safety through correct training procedures is non negotiable, thorough communication must be endeavoured by using a medium such as video.

This is the part where you get to find out about some of the video production work we have recently created…

The Sidhil Limited promotional video was a fun product for our team,filming happy employees and editing the video to portray the best of Sidhil. As shown throughout the Sidhil video, a professionally short corporate film can inform customers, investors and even internal staff about a company’s history, product range and commitments in a way that is more engaging and easier to consume than a detailed brochure for example.

Spearhead Limited is another company we have recently worked with, promoting their Alerta pressure care range of products. 3D animation is ideal when wanting to show a quick visual summary of even the most complex product. It’s one of the best, if not the best way to communicate quickly and concisely, guaranteed to make an impact across any audience.
There are many other companies in the healthcare sector that we have created videos, whether that is a 3D animation, promotional or training.

Is it time for you to explore the medium of video as a way to communicate with your audience? As one of the most powerful means of reaching people and with no signs of the trend abating, surely it is worth consideration.

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