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Kinetic e-learn - Learning Management System

Place your videos on Kinetic e-learn, the central platform where you can create learner pathways for your employees or customers. Our powerful e-learning system, manages your employees, and video training content for as many users as you like. Bringing anytime, anywhere learning to your employees, so they can learn what they need when and where they need it across a variety of digital platforms.


We have discovered that customisation is key for many companies, which is why we work with you to make kinetic e-learn unique to you and your company brand.


Kinetic e-learn delivers a vast number of benefits to both you as a company and the end user, including:

•  Drastically reducing staff time spent in training sessions
•  Increasing learning retention
•  Anytime, anywhere learning
•  Learner pathway allocation
•  Control and management of learner development
•  Micro-management of staff progress from a central point
•  Increasing workforce productivity
•  Online chat technology
•  Management reporting options

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