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Is your brand identity powerful enough?

Is your brand identity powerful enough?

It is well known throughout the marketing industry and the business world that having a strong sense of brand is of utmost importance. Brand identity must be clear, concise and welcoming to anyone who comes in contact with your business, with consistency being key.

I hear you ask; what should be considered when looking into brand identity?

There are many elements from your website to your employees. That’s right your people are a predominant element of your business, which is why it is important to have happy and motivated staff that portray confidence in your services and brand. Once your people believe in your organisation then they will become loyal to you, and become advocates of both your business and the services or products that you provide. This trust and enthusiasm will then be disbursed to customers, resulting in a confidence that wouldn’t have been enthralled if it weren’t for your people and your brand.

In the world of marketing strategy customer relations goes through the funnel effect as displayed below.


Writing about this subject matter has really made me think about our company brand, what is compelling and where there is room for improvement. Is this something you are also thinking about whilst reading this post? As a marketer I would recommend asking yourself a number of questions that will assist with realising how strong your brand identity is.

Here are a few to get you thinking:

•  What does your business do? If you can’t answer this in a sentence or two then your brand identity may be too complicated for    customers to understand.
•  Does your website portray you and your services/products in the correct manner? Your website is your shop window so must be spot on.
•  What are your USP’s and do your employees know them?
•  Are your employees motivated and happy in their job role?

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