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Buster the Dog

Is Buster the Dog Real?

The Kinetic Media office, in Lichfield Staffordshire, has been buzzing with cheer over all of the new Christmas ads that have been gracing our TV screens these past few weeks.

Have any of those charming adverts managed to catch your attention yet? John Lewis with Buster the dog, Very and their meaningful gift-giver, Waitrose and their brave battling robin. The list grows every year and we all await that spectacular ad which will draw us in next.

All of these adverts are full of short, engaging content that pulls at the heartstrings of every age. However did you know that the majority of these commercials have been digitally created in 3D? A swiftly growing advertising medium that has benefits and possibilities beyond belief as you’ve no doubt seen with Buster and his antics. 3D is a great way to illustrate your idea or product to your customer base and attract new attention.

How can 3D help you, you ask?

Put simply 3D allows you to:

•   Overcome physical boundaries
•   Explore your product inside and out at any angle
•   Create a visual that gives your customer the ability to see potential

With the added benefit of being cost-effective 3D product animation can be used long term across your business. Whether on your website, social media or in-store as a detailed help guide your animation can slot in seamlessly and work for you in many ways.

Thinking about your company’s 3D potential?

Kinetic Media specialise in 3D animation, bringing your products to life with no limits and no fuss, no matter your business sector.

Why not give us a call to discuss how Kinetic Media can help you on 01546 416 853 or email us at for more information

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