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Increased 3D video animation portfolio

Increased 3D video animation portfolio - Lichfield Staffordshire

Kinetic Media originated due to the need of internal training videos, which resulted in the discovery of a marketplace that was unsaturated in such services. Since then our business offering has grown with a customer base that has increased year on year. A particular peak was apparent at the beginning of the year due to the increase in trade show marketing at the end of 2015.

Trade Days 2015 was a particularly successful show for us with a vast amount of video production leads gained. After the show we ran with these leads and converted a number of opportunities into sales.

We have had particular interest in our 3D animation services due to target audience requiring their product portfolio to be explored intricately. The majority of our customers are manufacturers whom have a variety of products that meet a number of healthcare needs.

The projects we are currently working on are for the companies Alerta Medical based in Kilmarnock Scotland and PivoTell Limited based in Essex.

Alerta Medical are having a promotional video from us that will include 90 seconds of captivating 3D and live footage. Their Alerta Air Mattress Systems will be the focus throughout with its key benefits and features being displayed in a sequential fashion.

Additionally PivoTell Limited are having a series of 3D instructional videos for their range of automatic pill dispensers. Once created all videos will be placed on Kinetic Media’s Learning Management System (LMS) so consumers can view how to use the range of products correctly with test areas and certification included.

All our 3D work is created in the comprehensive 3D animation software autodesk Maya. The software is used for the complete process from the modelling, simulation and rendering

To find out more about our 3D animation video services please visit our website: or contact us via: - 01543 416 853

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