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Best Video Ever

How to Create the Best Video Ever!

So we thought the best way to help you create a great video would be to give you 4 simple failsafe tips you can take to the bank. These work for any video you’re looking to produce. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4

Tip #1 - Have an idea

Tip #2 - Have a target audience

Tip #3 - Have a script

Tip #4 - Have a video production team

We could leave it at that, short and sweet, but that wouldn’t be very helpful would it? So let’s break it down tip by tip.

Tip #1

Have an idea, any idea or something you want to promote or focus on. It doesn’t need to be fully formed and thought out to within an inch of it’s life, it just acts as a starting point for you to brainstorm on the possibilities and avenues you can explore for your video. We’ll be honest the clearer your idea is the easier things will be but don’t let that stop you from being creative. Everything starts from a simple idea.

Tip #2

Have a target audience and know who you are trying to engage with. It’s virtually impossible to please everybody (although Disney/Pixar are pretty close to perfection). So choose to focus on one key audience and it will improve your rate of success vastly. Narrowing your field will allow you to select images and actors that fit your idea/brand/product more easily and instil confidence and clarity in who you’re trying to communicate with.

Tip #3

Have a script. So you have your idea and who you want to show/sell it to now all you have to do is say it. But where do you start? At the beginning as always. A script is basically the step by step guide for your shoot and actors to follow. Like your initial idea your script will evolve as your project does. Some scripts are nothing more than basic guidelines and actors have the freedom of improvisation. Others are re-written and edited again and again until they are perfect and must be followed to the tee. Every script like every project is different so don’t be afraid to stray from the path every now and again. For tips on writing the perfect video script read our previous blog here.

Tip #4

Have a great production team. While there are videos out there being made by anyone who owns a smartphone that’s not necessarily the best approach if you’re trying to sell something or want a high quality finished product.In steps your professional production team to save the day. An expert team provides you with all the essential equipment to get the right shots in whichever location you choose. They’re quick and efficient insetting up sets and directing actors because they have previous experience. They’re able to take the lead and suggest ideas you may not have considered along the way. A professional team instils confidence in you that a great video will be created by the end of your project and that’s the main aim.

Following these guidelines will help you keep a foot on the right track while creating a great video.
Lastly you don’t need to look far for an amazing video production team to fulfil tip #4, Kinetic Media are ready and waiting to help you through the process. Our experts at Kinetic Media can help you from start to finish. We offer help with the full production process, which includes script writing and more.

For more information about Kinetic Media give us a call on 01543 416 853 or email

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