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In the ever increasing world of technology 3D and virtual reality are taking the lead in advertising. New worlds are being created and the user is able to experience a whole new set of stimuli and groundbreaking images.

Some might say that this is a natural progression of the digital industry and that traditional 2D advertising methods will eventually be phased out. That may very well be the case however the medium is fighting back to mark its place in the advertising market.

Publishers and creative companies are collaborating with augmented reality to create new engaging visual content. The aim is to retain their audience while still allowing them the digital hits they crave as millennials. While not an overly new idea, step by step magazines are hitting the right notes as each publisher makes its own attempt. These are a few of the major names who took a step into the world of augmented reality:

•  The New Yorker
•  Esquire Magazine
•  NME Magazine
•  GQ Magazine
•  Sports Illustrated
•  Elle Magazine
•  W Magazine
•  Entertainment Weekly

Even some newspapers have felt encouraged to illustrate their stories on a more visual level. This isn’t the limit though any 2D media, poster, flyer, business card etc. could become an augmented reality platform.

Although virtual reality appeared on the scene before augmented reality it has been inherently easier to combine this technology with print than the former. The incorporation can be as simple as having the user download an app for their phone, a device they already own, whereas virtual reality requires extra hardware to gain the best experience.

So simply scanning an image or code magazines are springing to life in front of readers’ eyes. So far the images we’ve seen are:

•  A subway journey dancing through the pages of the New Yorker
•  Women and men of Hollywood introducing their covers and articles
•  Comic book characters promoting new graphic novels

Like with so many creative avenues the only limit on what you want to spring from the flat piece of paper is your imagination.

For more information on producing your own augmented reality/2D blend contact our team here at Kinetic Media on 01543 416 853 or email

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