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The All New Improved Kinetic Learning Management System - is it different from the rest?

As we all probably know by now a major benefit of using a learning management system (LMS) is the offer of a centralised source of learning, creating a central access point for training, performance and development content; but with so many on the market, how are you able to decipher which one is the best fit for your organisation? Many offer the same ‘unique’ but not so different selling points however Kinetic Media are in a league of their own with their product offering.

Read on to find out why…

Content Creation

You want to train your staff? Is your company a one size fits all kind of place? Not many are, so why would you want to buy off the shelf courses that 10,000 other organisations use. Kinetic Media has always been different in their approach to learning as no two companies are the same. When purchasing Kinetic e-learn the package comes with video minutes as standard, allowing you to customise not only the interface but also the content that populates the platform. The dedicated team of filmmakers, scriptwriters and editors are experts in creating enthralling content, which fits any business objective.

Management Information

Reporting on staff is one of the most vital parts of an LMS; management personnel need to be able to track and trace development and training especially with new starters and induction training. As mentioned earlier Kinetic Media never expects a one size fits all approach, within the initial development meeting Kinetic Media will depict exactly what the customer needs statistical evidence of apart from the obvious completion/non-completion records. There are a vast array of reports, which can be created, based on departments, locality etc. all of which can be exported into excel.



Many learning management systems packages are costly and based upon the amount of users/licenses the organisation has, add to that a hefty implementation fee and you have one costly piece of software. Kinetic Media offer a subscription model whereby the customer can choose to pay monthly if they so wish, there is never a cost for implementation and the amount of users is unlimited.

Where do you sign?

Kinetic e-learn is really proving itself to be the one-stop shop for training needs! Over twenty happy customers, training thirty plus thousand members of staff…and still counting. So if you really want a company with real unique selling points, look no further, contact Kinetic Media!

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