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A Fresh Approach for the New Year

Well we’re back at the beginning of a new year once again and the team at Kinetic Media thought it would be useful to help companies understand why a brand refresh at this time of year is a great kick-start.

While a marketing video may not be new to your company advertising approach a fresh new video is always a good idea from time to time. It’s like redecorating your house with a fresh coat of paint.

There is more to a refresh than changing on a whim. Here’s a few reasons why:

•  To revitalise interest in your product
•  To stay afloat and not get lost in the market against the competition
•  The product may have been rebranded
•  Your target audience may have changed
•  Your business has evolved
•  Customer confidence

Revitalise interest in your product

It may have been a while since you’ve last created a product video and a simple new approach could be just what you need to attract new interest. You will have undoubtedly seen it in action over the festive period and children’s channels without even realising it. Gaming companies are big users of this tactic. Their game never changes but with a bright new ad, younger generations think their game is the best thing since sliced bread (or last year), it’s simply a matter of repackaging.

Speaking of repackaging leads us to product rebranding. Many companies change their designs, logos and even tag lines for their products every now and again to keep their audience hooked. Having an old video at odds with the new marketing approach is pretty confusing for your customers. Inconsistency can also make it difficult for new customers to understand your product in the right way.
Target audiences can change as your product makes its way through the market and inconsistency can make people lose interest easily.

Staying afloat in such competitive markets is a huge challenge and requires strict attention. New videos are a way of rising to the top above your competition and making your company visible. Your direct competitor may have an all-singing and dancing blow you out the box ad on their site but if it’s their only one it will begin to lose its dazzle and impact, falling down the rankings as a result. New videos will push you further up the search engines as it’s regarded as great new content in the SEO world and has the ability to reach so many people.

All businesses evolve over time and the mark of a great business is the ability to instil customer confidence. Through new and engaging video content your business will be a force to be reckoned with as it firmly holds its place and continues to stay current and relevant.

January is a great month to take the time out to plan your marketing strategy and plan your video. Work through the good ideas and the bad and remember our video production experts are always on hand to help you take the leap.

For more information on how to refresh or create amazing video content for your company in 2018 contact the the Kinetic Media team on 01543 416 853 or email

Happy New Year!

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