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6 Uses For 3D Animation Production

Once upon a time, 3D animation production was the sole preserve of the big and small screens - but this certainly isn’t the case anymore! These days, all kinds of businesses from a wide range of industries can benefit from this kind of innovative technology, so don’t discount it as an idea if you are looking for new ways to take your brand to the next level.

Sectors ranging from architecture and interior design to medicine, the stage, business and gaming can all benefit from this kind of production. Interior designers, for example, can use it to help them visualise different rooms and spaces on their PCs. Similarly, architects can use animation software to help them design buildings and architectural features.

This kind of animation can also be used to help doctors and nurses with their training, perhaps by allowing them to practice their surgery skills before carrying out procedures on patients.

3D mechanical animation can also help companies save potentially millions of pounds by creating virtual models of their designs and products, thereby slashing development costs. By using video, problems can be eliminated in a virtual world that would otherwise need to be tested out again and again - costing lots of cash.

Interestingly, animation can also be used in forensics where incidents are recreated on a computer to help investigators love cases. And, of course, let’s not forget education - 3D animation is a really popular tool these days to aid learning… and teachers are sure to find that use of animation helps them drive motivation in their students and increase interest in a range of subjects.

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