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3D Animation



Whether you want to add another dimension to an advertising video or emphasize aspects of a product, 3D animation can do it all, bringing footage to life instantaneously. From the moment a 3D video is played your audience will be transfixed, elevating the imagery involved to compel anyone viewing the video.


3D videos are created through the use of 3D modelling and is set up in-house by our team of 3D artists. On agreement with the client our team get to work combining the objects and backgrounds that will make up each section of a video.


Once modelled, texturing and lighting is initiated, which is where each object has a different surface and texture. This stage is thought out carefully, making sure the textures chosen work with other objects in the video sequence and the lighting used. There are many different textures and layers that make up a 3D video, hence the time taken in producing the end product.